The Las Vegas
Bookmen & Bookwomen

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Welcome to Las Vegas,
the Most Exciting City in the World
and Home of Some Great Bookstores !

We are a consortium of book stores and restorers in the Las Vegas Valley that specialize in fine, out-of-print, and collectible books - in short - antiquarian books. In aggregate, we have more than two hundred years of experience in the book trade and expect to remain book sellers and binders until our personal manuscripts read “The End.” Our stock is constantly changing, we are always making new and exciting additions to our stores' inventories, and we are both willing and able to help you find that long-sought-after volume to complete your collection, or fill your current needs or wants.

You may find information about us and other bookstores in the Las Vegas Valley by clicking on the link below: 

No such thing as an antiquarian book exists. What does exist is an antiquarian book person who sees in his object of study something of the past that is worth preserving. 
            -Gordon Hollis,  
                    Golden  Legend 
                    Bookshop ABAA

When you sell a man a book you don't sell him just 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue - you sell him a whole new life. 
            - Christopher Morley

The chief objection to new books is that they prevent us from reading the old ones. 
                - Joubert

A room without books is as a body without a soul.
                - Cicero

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