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Amber Unicorn Books, A.B.A.A.

Amber Unicorn Books was first started in 1981 by Lou and Myrna Donato in a strip mall at 2101 W. Charleston in a little 1200 sq ft store; we soon out grew that store and moved within the same mall to a 2400 sq ft store where we remained until 1997 when we sold the store but not the name. We had a very large inventory of about 150,000 books in all categories and genres. We became members of the ABAA in 1984 and became the only members in Nevada. During the early 1990’s we put on and produced local and regional book fairs in Las Vegas and Southern California. Myrna continued to sell cookbooks on line after we sold the store but always missed the daily contact with people so she started thinking about another store. We had bought so many books that we needed another store because there was no more room at the house. During this time old customers would ask if we would ever consider opening another store as they missed us as much as we missed them.

On March 29,2008, Amber Unicorn Books reopened in the Trader Joe’s Plaza on Decatur. We once again have a 2400 sq ft store brimming with 150,000 books and that doesn’t count the 16,000 cook books that we still have to move in. We have a large selection of Antiquarian, Metaphysical, Art, Science Fiction and Fantasy, First Editions, and anything else that one might be looking for. We are open seven days a week:
Monday through Thursday from 9-6, Friday and Saturday from 9 - 8, and Sunday from 9 - 4. 
Who says you have to sit around when you get old ?


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